Webinterface rights management

my version UrBackup 2.4.14

with the option enabled " client_settings " the user has access to all options and, what is worse, can change them regardless of whether the administrator changes them in his account

with the option none " client settings " in the web gui, the user does not have access to rare settings.
But in a client / application, e.g. for Windows, it can change many options.
One of the options it cannot change is: Soft client quota:

With this option, (Soft client quota ) I want to supervise the user.

I would like to enable “client_settings” so that the user would have access to the same options as in the windws application but disable the possibility of changing one option in web gui : Soft client quota

How to disable access / the ability to change the “Soft client quota:” option for the user in his web panel?