Webinterface link for downloading installer for new client?

I want to add a new client without having to download the installer over the internet/carry a USB stick around/always make sure I have the newest version of the client.

In the web interface there’s a link to download a modified installer for existing clients, but it would be nice if I could download the vanilla installer for adding new clients.

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So you can always download it from the urbackup.org site itself here: https://www.urbackup.org/download.html

But maybe you mean you want to be able to download, install and have the newly installed client auto-created? if all your clients are on the same subnet with appropriate ports open the server should auto-discover new installs.

If you are internet-only mode or not on the same subnet then I believe the new client has to be added from the web interface first.


Take a look at the download page here.

I know I can download it from the webpage, it’s just since the webinterface is already serving up client downloads it would be nice to be able to download a vanilla version of the client (same as you can download from urbackup.org) from the webinterface for adding new clients, so that I don’t have to download it over our slow internet connection.

I see what you mean.
Could you not just keep the latest client(s) on a USB stick or even on a shared folder on your network?

Yes, I just figured since the server already has the latest version of the client it would be fairly simple to add and would be useful for other people besides me.

I see your point.
Maybe others could say if they are interested and Uroni may add vanilla to the list for each client type…

I would second this request. Would be a handy convenience.