WebDAV: can UrBackup store login credentials to remote storage and do logon/off for backup sessions?

I have a Nexcould storage in the internet and want to backup my local data there.

Thinking about security, I want to avoid having a permanently connected Nextcloud WebDAV drive attached to my local machine. Instead I need something similar to Deja-Dup (Ubuntu backup) where the backup solution stores the remote credentials internally and logs on/off during the automated backup intervals.

Can this be done with UrBackup?
Haven’t seen any hint on that so I rather suspect it’s not really possible?
Again, I don’t want to establish a permanent WebDAV mount, and off course I don’t want to open connections manually.


Do I understand you correctly that you want to use the Nextcloud storage as folder where your urbackup server is storing its backups? I don’t see why one would do that but maybe you can elaborate what you intend to achieve with that? I also doubt that the server would even start up without being able to reach this folder.

In addition to that I do not really understand your security concerns: I doubt that is a brilliant idea to store your internal backups on a system that is publicly accessible from the internet. This would be the much bigger concern in my opinion than to have an active WebDAV mount on your local (= more secure ideally) machine.

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Hi, meanwhile I tend to believe that urBackup does not help me in my concern.

Yes, I want to backup my local files to a nexcloud storage in the internet. This obviously implies state of the art end to end encryption, including encrypted and concealed file names and structures. Additionally, it requires the backup program to independently open a webdav connection itself before backup starts. For this reason the backup solution must be able to store login credentials to the remote webdav folder and use them autonomously.

The basic requirements is to backup my stuff off-location fully encrypted.
I know that WebDAV is not ideal, but I have a Nextcloud with unlimited storage so I want to use that. nextcloud limits you to WebDAV.

Currently I’m leaning towards Kopia as as my go to solution. It seems to do what I need.

The traffic is already encrypted if you run it over the internet, that’s kinda the point with internet mode.
And if you want encryption on the files, encrypt the filesystem.

I also chime in with: why TF would you want your backups in the cloud?!? :open_mouth:

Going to make a few things very clear to you.

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