Web Interface logout every time I refresh the page

I’m using urbackup 2.4.12 on top of centos 7. The problem is that web interface log me out every time I refresh the page. I already created an admin user and login works well.
Can you give me some advice in order to solve the issue?

I have the same problem with the same version :frowning:

Could be related to some permission issue? I don’t know where urbackup saves “sessions” in order to check this

My server on Debian Buster goes to the login screen on refresh and as far as I can remember earlier versions did also.

I am unsure as to why one would seek to refresh as the data can be updated by going to another UrBackup tab and back again (eg Status -> Logs -> Status) The Activities tab auto-updates.

I also found that the browser back function takes me out of UrBackup but the forward function put me back in UrBackup where I was.

To logout I use the UrBackup icon that is conspicuously not labeled Logout.

I assume this is all by design.