Web interface hangs

Web interface hangs and comes again and hangs and the same…

You are going to have to give us a bit more information to work on than that…

OK sorry, I´m glad about your quick response. I just finished of install it in FreeNAS jail, and that´s it. Change the admin password, and only doing click in the options goes freezed and you can see the rigth blue symbol loading, loading loading. It´s a fresh install. In logs does not appear anything and I have my nagios server sending me alerts of flapping services; I´m monitoring it doing test port. Anything else, just let me know; I´m able to help. Thanks in advance.

Hmmmmm, with that being said then, my first thought comes to disk contention. I am not saying this is your issue, but at one point I had a machine with a RAID6 split in to two volumes and during heavy disk operations the web interface was basically inaccessible due to disk contention making the database essentially unavailable. Is the FreeNAS unit doing a lot of other things? Is it possible disk contention could be causing your issue?

Not really right now. The only heavy load could it be on weekend doing Proxmox Backups but that´s on Sundays. I´ve tried other version, 1.9 with the same Freenas and was OK. I have a ZFS volume, with 8 terabytes, almost empty. Besides the freenas has dual network connection; just in case.
I can post a picture to show what´s happening.

Did you guys find anything?