Way of functioning

Hello, can someone tell me a little bit more about the principles of work of urbackup. I am especially interested in ways of connection between server and clients, how do they achive connection? How clients see server?


The gist is:

The clients will broadcast out to find a server; once they find the server they will attach to it. They will only do this to find servers within your domain or sub-net - I say domain, because we have had local 172.168.X.X addresses connect to a 10.0.X.X server. This can be done with either wireless or wired.

Instead of a local server, you can set it up to be an internet server/client in the case that you are performing things like off-site backups.

The thing is, the client gets the server identification and saves it. This maps the client to that server, and from then on the client will only communicate with that server. The server_idents is the big contender in keeping your clients in check with your server.

From then on, they just send messages to each other to make sure they are all still connected and good friends.

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