"Watch" folder?

Hi all -

I am new to UrBackup. My config is Win10 and Raspberry Pi 3.

So far it is working amazingly well and I have full backup speed on my local network.

I am trying to figure out if it is possible to set up a “watch” folder which, if the content in it changes, it pushes a backup to the server pretty much immediately, or after a certain much shorter amount of time than 1 hour per incremental update. I am interested in programming and video editing, both of which require frequent saves and fallback level backups.

Is it possible with UrBackup? Or on the plate for future updates?

Currently I only see the option for incremental backup every hour, unless I’m not clicking in the right place. Especially with programming and video editing, a lot can happen in an hour …

Thanks very much.


Really that sounds like a bad idea, i don’t think there s a way to provide more than hourly granularity backup of video file editions, specially on a raspberry pi. I am already surprised you have a working setup (btw did you tested restores?)

Usually why peoples want to watch for file changes, is to not have to scan for differences.
Bu then the backup will always have some granularity and usually it s daily. Providing more than daily is already very good.

You can put in something like 0.3 as backup interval.

Continuous backup is currently partially implemented but on ice.

Hi orogor … Have you ever written an email via an online source like GMail and found your draft to be autosaved after every couple of seconds? Even when you write a reply here on the forums system, it autosaves your document (to somewhere) maybe 15 seconds after being idle. That is a bit of excessive traffic if even for a split second when saving something over a home [or corporate] network; I am not looking for something as frequent as that but, every few minutes?

As a safety net backup for an editor - or a programmer - only saving something once an hour would cause a LOT of creative work to potentially be lost. It’s nice as snapshot of the hour’s work, but editors are constantly saving-saving-saving, sometimes after every edit, and they make dozens if not hundreds per hour. Definitely not a bad idea to have more levels of undo (what editors use backups for) than not enough.

I’m not asking for an industrial-grade 24x7 minutiae backup, but once an hour is only useful in low usage of the workstation. Raspberry Pi 3 can certainly handle network traffic fine, bursts or otherwise.

I just didn’t know if the “hours” item was a button, or a drop-down, as it is displayed it looks like it could have been either. Thanks for your feedback.

Ah, I didn’t know that, uroni. Maybe I’ll try 0.3 or even lower just to see what will happen … thanks for the tip …

Yeah, the other side is that this makes me not sure that it is necessary in UrBackup. Keeping a history of what you are working on is better implemented in the program itself. Photoshop etc. (and Premiere if you are doing video editing) has a pretty good history function which goes back a long way. Your IDE for programming probably has plugins for this if you want to.