Wake on LAN

Hello, are planning to add wol function in your server? It would be very usefull, i can test it in small enterpise network.

Would be difficult to add.

How would you use it?

And wouldn’t a planned task that wakes the PCs at specific times be enough?

I planned to use it for backup some clients PC`s in night time. My servers backuped by proxmox.
But client stations running Windows, so your project is the best solution for small/mid networks with some main nodes.

Planned task is enough, but after backup I need to shutdown PC. I will send you information about bugs if you interested)))

Then I would propose using the planned task and creating a
C:\Program files\UrBackup\postfilebackup.bat
in which you put the line

shutdown /s /t 30

This will shutdown the PC 30 seconds after backup. I hope it works, cause I have never tested this.

If the PC should get backed up at another point without turning it of further cmd magic is required.
For images there currently is no postimagebackup.bat but I can easily add one.

it really works, thank you)))

A nicer way of performing actions on the client after a backup is complete would be GREAT! Shutdown, Hibernate, Sleep, Run another batch file etc etc…