W2003 Server with old client, unable to backup


I have two computers in a remote lan, one of the with Windows 10, other with Windows 2003 Server. The first one uses the latest client (2.4), works fine (internet backups), but I’ve tried to backup the W2k3 without success.

I’ve installed the 1.4 client and configured manually the parameters (url, password, enable internet backup…) but it does not connect to the server.

The client log does not show too much info, just this line:

2022-02-09 21:14:58: ERROR: GPT formated hard disk encountered. UrBackup does not support GPT formated hard disks! (Volume=\?\Volume{b335bfce-0a06-47a4-afa1-afeb7d0e8e61})

That server has four disk, three of them with MBR, on in GPT. The image copy is configured just for volume C (MBR) and the file copy is configured to keep volume D (also MBR).

Any idea about why it does not connect with the server?

Still unable to backup, I’ve reinstalled, changed settings, no luck. Any tip?

My tip would be upgrade the server OS to something that has at least been in some sort of support recently. It’s just inadvisable to run 2k3 in any situation where it’s connected to the internet in any way.

Should be a solution but if anybody has today a W2003 server running is because there is no other choice for that specific case…

Well there is, kind of, if you truly must for reasons of legacy software run 2003, virtualise it, then you can back up the entire VM from the current & supported supported hypervisor using many different backup solutions. It’s not ideal, but then neither is running 2k3 at all anymore.

Or set up an old server version that matches the client for that specific machine.

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The question is that there is a urbackup client that works in W2K3 and should be compatible with urbackup 2.4 Server (may be I’m wrong but I’ve read it) and that’s why I’m trying.

I know that W2K3 is old, that should be upgraded, that can be virtualized…but sometimes the things are what they are, not what they should be :sweat_smile:

It used to be the case though I’m not confident it was server 2.4, it may well have been earlier. I’m neither sure if it still is, or what versions of server & client are required to make it true.

Maybe using such a setup broke in the 7 years since 2k3 went out of support… Sometimes things are what they are not what we’d like them to be.

Update: a few days ago, don’t know why, the 2003 server started to backup correctly. No changes in the urbackup server side or client side :ok_man: