W10 and CBT Client, constant notifications to reboot

Having just inastalled the CBT client on my sister’s machine (Windows 10 Creators Update 64 bit), I’m now getting notified “Reboot required to finish setting up…” at EVERY reboot.

I’ve rebooted a considerable number of times, and the notifications never go away, CBT shows as there on the configured volumes in the CBT status only every ALTERNATE reboot.

How do I get these annoying notices to go away? Also how to have CBT show in the CBT status at EVERY boot? It seems pretty pointless if it’s only going to track every other time the machine boots, as it will always be starting from nothing, and may just as well not be there…

Sorry, didn’t see that issue before. The CBT also doesn’t cause it to reboot or do you see that in the log files? If yes, can you send them to me? Thanks!

No, it doesn’t cause it to reboot, however windows informs me I need to in order to finish setting the device up. If I then do so Windows repeats the message, over and over. With CBT showing as active only every alternate reboot. The particular client is at a remote address, I won’t be able to view the log files until I visit that location, probably a couple of days now.

I’ve now had a chance to visit that location.
Unfortunately notepad.exe choked on the log, I had to stop the service, delete the log and create an empty file.

After two reboots, which exhibited the same problem described, no CBT after the first CBT after the second and prompts from Windows to reboot again after both, the client log is still completely empty, so whatever the issue is, it’s not being logged there.

I also had a look in the event log, the only suspicious looking error I noted was:
Event id 3
Session “Circular Kernel Context Logger” stopped due to the following error: 0xC0000188

google wasn’t much help on that though, and it could be completely unrelated.

I’m still having this issue, even with the updated client (2.2.11 beta) CBT is showing as active only every ALTERNATE boot-up. I only ever see this machine at long intervals, it’s driving my niece bonkers though!

The notification that you need to restart… two of them for each restart is TIRESOME.

I have the machine here at the moment for what that’s worth.