VSS Shadows Snapshot changes to unlimited size after make image backup of disk

I have activated the automatic snapshots feature for all my drives in all my Windows Servers, because it´s a easy way to have a “first line” of some kind of “backup” in case of some user deletes a file accidentally. These snapshots are schedulled and I have all them limited in size (with the setting that is for this purpose).

I observed that, after I started to make image backups of some of my Windows Servers with UrBackup, the VSS setting is automatically setted to use unlimited size for system snapshots. So the disk becomes nearly full in a few days. I changed the setting maually, and after makes image backup, it becomes deactivated

It´s possible that UrBackup changes some setting in VSS subsystem to make this happen?


I have observed it in a lot of servers, and every time it´s happening after enabling UrBackup image backup.

Thank you so much.