VM Bridge Mode Broke my appliance - ugh!

Hi Folks,

Well, I went and broke my working appliance by accident. I was tinkering around with creating a VM from an image backup, and I hit bridged mode by mistake. I have been avoiding that option since I knew it would break things. Despite trying to avoid the inevitable, it still happened. I have followed the information out there regarding the removal of bridge mode, but it still has not worked. Does anyone have any good information on how I can try to recover this appliance’s networking? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone,


You mean that you have created a vm from a backup, but instead of using routing/nat for the network interface on that vm, you used bridged mode now?
I dont think i am getting the right picture, i mean if that was the case what is preventing you to change the network interface on the vm back to its original state? Must be something i am not familiar with, esp. since there seems to be more information out there on this. Please elaborate.

Yes, I did create a VM using the VM creation function within the appliance. This is done by using the full image backup as the source. I accidentally used the “bridge” mode when my cursor was not fully on the NAT option - again, my mistake. The instructions out there for removing the bridge mode from the database while executing successfully, then rebooting, did not restore the non-bridged connection. I was able to finally cobb together a way to regain a non-bridged connection by making sure the VM was shut down, all bridged connections removed from the VM, deleting the bridge network br0, and then re-creating eth0 with the correct appliance IP. This then allowed the backup clients to re-connect. What I have not done yet, is to reboot the appliance to see if the settings will stick.