Virus found in urbackup_tmp_files folder


I run clamav on my urbackup server data.
It found that :
/urbackupdata/urbackup_tmp_files/cps.HeCKpN: Win.Dropper.IceId-9986778-1 FOUND
/urbackupdata/urbackup_tmp_files/cps.DNZDTM: Win.Dropper.IceId-9986778-1 FOUND

I don’t know how to deal with.

First, same clamav version found nothing on computers backed up on this server.
Second it is a tmp folder. But I have had this alert for several days

what should I do ?
Thank you for your help

That is why on Windows it actually checks that urbackup_tmp_files is excluded from on-access virus scan: You don’t know which actual client and file is affected.

My advise would be to exclude urbackup_tmp_files from scan and maybe just scan the current backups for viruses.

I’ll do that
Thanks a lot !