Virtual Sub-Client Backups Instead of Client Backups

Is there a way to have no backups run on the client and for all of the backups to be run on the virtual sub-clients of that client?

I currently have a Client subdivided into various Virtual Sub-Clients. Each of the virtual sub-clients represent a physical disk drive on my computer. So for example, if my client is named “AkibuFlash”, the virtual sub-clients are named AkibuFlash[C Drive]; AkibuFlash[D Drive], AkibuFlash[E Drive], etc.

All of the data that I want backed up on the client AkibuFlash is covered by the backups of the individual virtual subclients. So for example, if I wanted the Pictures folder from the E Drive backed up and the Documents folder from the C Drive backed up, I would set those to backup individually on those respective virtual sub-clients using the Default Directories to Backup field for those virtual sub-clients. On the actual client, I have left the Default Directories to Backup field blank, so as not to backup anything on the actual client.

However, it appears as though all of the directories are backing up from the client, in addition to backups of the virtual sub-clients. Space-wise it does not matter as the files are obviously identical so are not duplicated. But I would like for the folders to not show up as a backup to the client, but only as a backup to the virtual sub-clients.

I think what has happened is that when I first setup the client to backup, I did not setup any virtual sub-clients and merely identified the folders that I wanted backed up from amongst the disk drives on the client. Later on, I added virtual sub-clients and identified those same folders to backup, and then removed the names of those folders from the Default Directories to Backup field on the client. However, those folders still appear to be being backed up from the client.

Thanks in advance for any help.