Virtual Client - AD configuration

Hi all,
I’m testing the last release of the URbackup suite and it’s working fine. Now we are considering to enable some clients to do regular backup. In this case I have to distinguish between the main backup job and a secondary backup job (one for the doc and one for the pst with different schedules).
I did read that there is the possibility to enable a virtual client but, also reading the docs, it’s not clear how to proceed to configure those two options.
Furthermore i would be interested to let the user access to the console in case they want to recover their own files: is this a possibile configuration? Could this be done using a AD user?


Just enter e.g. “pst” as virtual client and you will have a second client to configure running on the same endpoint.

Should work if you enter a proper server url without AD users (there might be problems with the virtual client; please report any issues).

Hi Martin,
thanks for the fast answer, anyway it’s not clear, you wrote to enter pst as virtual client, where do I have to define this? On the server, so new client calling it pst (as example) with the same ip address of the pc?
Thanks a lot.