VHDZ file how to use in Hyper-V

I am trying to restore a vhdz backup in Windows HyperV server.
I found the topic how to decompress the file - from the bat file located at Program Files -> UrBackup Server folder.
Question is - after the vhdz is decompressed, is it store in the same folder and does it replace the vhdz file with vhd?
After the decompression procedure - the vhdz become around 10GB and it was with the same extenstion. I think it should become 100 GB with vhd as extenstion.

Here is screenshot of the files I am trying to restore, should I use only the Image-C, and do I need the second vhdz file as well?


Can someone explain to me what the other hash and mbr files are doing and what for they are used?

Thank you!

If it works, it works with assemble_disk_image.bat (see manual) and only if the original client was already in Hyper-V and not GPT formatted.