VHD or Raw for system drive backup?


I want to make regular backup sof my windows system drives. I set this up with Debian server with Btrfs as my backup drive and using the client on Windows 10.

I would like my backups to be as efficient as possible so I am wondering if I should choose VHD or Raw copy-on-write file format for the full and incremental backups.

I am not literate in these things sho I would appreciate input in choosing the right method for this particular backup scenario.

Thanks for this great software.

When using BTRFS, I believe it’s generally best to use Raw copy-on-write file. This is how I do image backups and everything works well.

Thanks, so if I use vhd, the backups are always full backups and no deduplication in place?

Also how do you mount the raw data as disk?