VHD OR Compressed VHD

What is the best option for image backup VHD or Compressed VHD.

There are reasons to choose one above the other & the decision could go either direction depending, however, without knowing the exact details of your setup it’s utterly impossible to decide from here which is better, that’s why you’re given the choice so you may decide for yourself based upon the relative merits of each. If everything else were equal, & it rarely is, then I suppose VHD is slightly easier to work with in a pure Windows environment, is that worth the increased storage use in your setup though?

Thanks for feedback. but base in your experience. what is the most succesful restoration vhd or compressed vhd?

Errrr… they both work?
Really, if there weren’t sound reasons you might prefer one vs the other, you wouldn’t get offered the choice, & the choice needs basing off those reasons, or if you can’t decide based on those, toss a coin, or if you’re lazy (like me) accept whatever the default is.