Very Slow Client Backup (50 KBit/s)


These 2 settings are mentioned in other threads that i am too lazy to find. They are located in the hardware configuration of the network card (driver settings):

  • Windows congestion control (For me it’s the single most effective setting).
  • Various tcp offloading (i can’t pinpoint if that’s a vmware specific issue)


Hello uroni

Thanks! But I could not figure it out yet. I have disabled the on-access scanner (windows defender) on the server.

What can I change to get this to work? I have no problem accessing other files on the server over the network.

Also Crashplan worked without any problems on the same server and clients. But with UrBackup none of the clients managed to get a backup to even 10% after two month.

I really want to use UrBackup because the featureset seems very nice, but it is just not working at all :frowning:


Thanks! I completly ignored that option! :slight_smile: