Very Slow Backup over Internet

I have just started testing Urbackup as a solution for backing up my office offsite to a server administered by myself.

I love the interface and the control from server side. Great software. Everything is working fine BUT, the speed over the internet seems to be capped at 50KBits per second. Its taking 5 hours per 100 megabytes. It is consistently at this speed for the PC that I am testing. I changed ISP’s on the client side and that made no difference.

Client side ISP speeds are
10Mb up and down
10Mb down and 1Mb up

Server Side
10MB up and down.

I did do a test with where i seeded files from the client using a PC on the same network as the server. 1.5 Gigabytes of data. I then did an incremental backup from the slow client and the hashes were compared and backup was completed in 11 minutes.

Local backups on the server side are running perfectly. averaging 200mbps which is great.

So the only issue is upload over internet. Is there anything I can check to troubleshoot? Its as if the speed is being shaped as it is constant at 50KBits


Have you tried other types of transfer, via internet, between the client and server?
I’m just wondering if it’s a general speed issue between them…
Maybe try FTP of transfer a large amount of data via SSH.

Thanks for the reply. I do transfer other data over bitorrent sync without any issue at all. I have stopped bitorrent sync now and only have URbackup running. Can easily push 8-10Mb on bitorrent sync.

You can set a max backup speed but by default it s uncapped

try also unchecking background priority

Speed is set to default. Have changed the “background priority”.

For testing purposes I have setup a new client and server in the different buildings and am getting even slower speeds now.

Maybe your ISP apply some QoS on high ports, UrBackup use by default the TCP/55415, bittorrent TCP/6881~6999
You could try to change from 55415 to something lower, ie <1024.


Do I just need to change the server port 55415 to something else?

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Yes, on client + server of course …
Client is WAN or Internet ? You have NAT on your routers ?


Client is connected over internet behind NAT. Do I need to open ports for the client?

edit : would client side hashing over internet cause it to slow down this much? Should i disable that until I have the initial backup done?

I disable client side hashes and change the port to a lower number and its working great now! Thanks very much for your help!

I have been searching for months for a suitable backup program. This ticks all the boxes! Very happy!

Great !

Maybe you should try to re-enable the client side hashes to know if the problem was a high port number or client side hashes … Just for our information and for other people which should have the same problem …


It was probably the port being throttled by the ISP.
I have been using client side hashes for 6+ months on 150 internet clients without an issue.
UrBackup ticks all the boxes for me :sunglasses: