Very slow backup and server freezes in Windows

I have UrBackup Server 2.2.8 running in Windows Server 2008 with backup storage in NAS via ISCSI.
I am running in big slowdown times to make incremental file bakcups of my clients.

Is there any trick or setting to tuneup server speed.

I have “Hashed - Block Difference” in transfer method.
I have disabled symbolic links in settings

do you have multipath i/o enabled on the ISCSI? I would test for performance between server and NAS first.

I´m going to test that option. I don´t know if my NAS support it.

At the moment what I have done is:

  • Increasing database cache size
  • Putting temporary folder outside the NAS
  • Enable temporary folder as backup buffer
  • Limit simultaneous backups

Whit all of this, now it is working.

Thank you

After I changed these settings, I continue having slowdown issues, but with Server Web UI. I mean, the backup it is doing, but, when I try to view the status of the backup, the web interface of the server doesn´t load. It asks for password and then never finish to load all web contents. This is happening while the backup process is running in two clients or more. I have looked at performance monitor and see that the iSCSI drive is being used at 100% of the time.
It is normal that the interface of the server does not load? The server it is intalled and running inside other drive (not the backup drive).

I have the exact issue… extremely slow… I’ll try some of the suggestions, but it was working fine prior to 2.2.8 update

hi, same issue from 2.2.8 update. I don´t know what to do ??