Verify all server data?

Is there a way to verify all server backed-up data?
One of my NAS drives is acting up, and I want to make sure all data is still intact.

stop server then
urbackupsrv verify-hashes

good enought?

Thanks! The verification will take a while, but just after running the command I got this.
What does it mean?

Also, does it verify image backups too?

not sure

Images were not verified.
Is there a way to verify them too? (they are actually more important than single files)

I think there is an option that verifies every backup for you automatically. Two check boxes under “Settings - Advanced”

  • Debugging: End-to-end verification of all file backups
  • Debugging: Verify file backups using client side hashes


Currently only the unsupported/hacky method via:

urbackupsrv internal --image_verify Image_C_180306-0743.raw

Hash mismatch on the last block is okay.

Thanks! :slight_smile: