Using EFS with URBackup

Does anyone have experience using EFS with URbackup for encrypting the backup data? I am planning on sing bitlocker to encrypt the drive, but I would like to add an extra layer of security to my backups.

Should not be too much of a problem. You’ll probably have to change the user UrBackup server runs as. It will need administrative rights on the server. See the FAQ section “Change the user UrBackup runs as” on how to do this.

Ah ok that makes sense. I guess the question is if you restore files from a
backup that is encrypted will they copy correctly to the original system?
Or perhaps do I need to restore them locally and then decrypt them before
copying to the client.

Hello I am just curious if indeed this works?
can you use a windows Encrypted File System option to store the urbackup server “backups”?

Yep. Just had to use the same user for that and the backup service.