User permissions for client_settings

I have urbackup-server/xenial,now amd64 installed on ubuntu 16.04 server. If I add new user with permissions for access to multiple clients I see only first client settings. For example, I have few client nodes:

minio-server - 23
buildserver-test - 27
buildserver - 84

I had added new domain to user account - client_settings 23,27,84. And I had gotten only minio-server(23) in the Settings menu without any choise possible.
But Client settings tab from Settings menu has link to javascript: clientSettings(84,1). If I press on this tab I get client settings for the last server(84) from rights list.

There is all user permissions:

browse_backups      23,27,84
client_settings     23,27,84
download_image      23,27,84
general_settings    23,27,84
lastacts            23,27,84
logs                23,27,84
progress            23,27,84
settings            23,27,84
start_backup        all
status              23,27,84
stop_backup         23,27,84

hi, i have the some issue, have you solved?