Use client side local network backup in a UrBackup client-server enviroment


Is it possible to let the client backup to a local network disk but manage al those clients through the server interface ? i have a few separate environments which i would i would like to manage centralized. But let the clients make local backups.

Set up a local server maybe in a VM & manage it remotely from your central location?

If you could set up what I think you’re asking for, all the backup & restore traffic would still be passing through your remote location & you’d lose most of the speed advantages of local storage apart from maybe grabbing the odd file to restore using SMB sharing bypassing the restore interface.

If I understand your request, you want to be able to support multiple locations through a single UI?

Yes, that would be a nice feature. I have a few clients with multiple offices, and a backup server in each office, and I have to connect to each server to see the info for that server and its clients.

It would be nice to be able to setup one system – somewhere in that environment – where all the settings and status rolled up to (for each of my customers).

One customer has 7 locations, one has 3, and so just between those two customers, I have 10 browser windows to review, rather than just 2 – one per customer.

That would be nice.


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