Urgent! System Disk Failed

The SSD I installed the appliance image to appears to have failed. I cannot boot into the OS or anything.

What is the process for replacing the OS disk? I have looked through the manual but didn’t see any information on the steps

Depends on the backup storage. E.g. from S3 etc. https://www.infscape.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Recover-from-S3-1.pdf or with simple backup storage
Recovering an appliance with simple storage setup from storage.pdf (231.7 KB)

Thank you for your quick response! I’m using the simple storage setup. Just to clarify, should I take out the 10 data disks and the two RAID metadata SSDs first and install with only the new system SSD installed? And then manually add each data disk one at a time?

Or leave all the drives connected from the start?

Sounds like you use the RAID setup. In that case select the cache disk like in the “Recover from S3” example, then select “RAID cache” instead of S3. After that it automatically imports the RAID + raidmetadata disks given the correct key. You can look up the key at https://app.urbackup.com/ if upload wasn’t disabled.

So I’ve made some progress…

I downloaded the image from the infscape website and burned it to a USB drive. I started it up and somehow missed the step where I tell it to write to the SSD as the primary drive. So now my USB stick is the primary drive and if I take it out the server won’t boot. On the plus side, all the settings were recovered correctly and it appears to be working properly (It’s still doing the Start-up Recovery task).

So I have attached what my disks look like now. The SSD I intended to have as my primary disk is at the bottom and is showing up as “raidcache”. The two SSDs I had in there before as Metadata Disks are labelled as “raiddevcache1”.

Should I start over and try to install the appliance OS/program to the SSD like I intended to? Or should I just leave it like it is and leave the USB drive plugged in all the time? I would prefer to install to the SSD but if it’s going to cause problems I can leave the USB drive in all the time. That just makes me nervous that it will get bumped or damaged more easily than an internal disk.