UrBackupClientBackend.exe 2.4.10 - 10% High CPU Usage - Idle

Not sure what is going on here, the client is doing nothing, but I am seeing 9 to 10% CPU usage.

This is window 10 Pro 2004 (19041.329).

Urbackup server 2.4.12

Any advice please?

Could this be UrBackup Client at idle time it uses one core per 100% ?

If it is this issue please see uroni’s request for memory dumps at the end of the thread.

Thank you, this resolved it, it looks like it was IPv6.

I will keep an eye on it (I have a strange VPN / Mobile Internet, local gateway thing, which wasn’t helping it). and come back with memory dumps if it starts again.

Not sure if anyone can add [Solved] to the title, or tag with IPv6 or simlar to help others.