UrBackupClient_cmd.exe CLI Reference

Hello all. I am looking for a reference for the UrBackupClient_cmd.exe. In particular what keys are available with set-settings. I am after a way of deploying the agent MSI and setting the server. I know I can use the internet client script but I want to keep from having each client download the agent payload from the server if possible.

This is currently undocumented, but if you add one client via web interface (+Add client on the status screen, then “Add new Internet client/client behind NAT”) it’ll show the settings/command needed for it to connect to the server.

Thanks for the tip. I have many dispersed offices with very slow connections. I can use sccm to get the client there in a controlled download but it’s not possible for them to be discovered. I’d like to use get the client installed, use a modified version of the python script to register the client and get the auth key then configure it via a cli.