UrbackupClient 1.4 Registers under different name

Recently I upgraded our UrBackup server to 1.4, then began upgrading the clients as well. Many of the clients are connecting under an all uppercase version of their name (i.e. “ClientA” creates a new entry “CLIENTA”). This of course means they don’t get their client-specific settings and don’t map to their backups.

Can anyone tell me what is going on and how to I can convince it that the client is the same?

For reference, Windows client and server, both versions 1.4, no-tray client. Nothing useful in the debug log that I can see.

For an upgrade install and if you don’t have a domain set the names should be identical to the names in 1.3.x . Did you per chance upgrade from once of the 1.4 release candidates / betas?

See here https://urbackup.atlassian.net/browse/US-62

You can set the “computername” manually as well.

No, I only upgraded after the official release, though the linked issue seems to be what I’m experiencing.

I was able to get everything working by modifying the “Computer name” filed on the server side client-sepcific settings (client tab), and the client-side settings.cfg file to reflect the old (mixed case or lowercase) name. Oddly, this caused the imaging and file backup settings to be reset to “enabled” regardless of their previous state, while all other settings were unaffected. I just deleted the uppercase name entries in UrBackup after that.

I hadn’t previously considered this because, nearest I could figure, that filed only had to do with how the imaging portion of the client worked. I hadn’t considered that it could make a client override its discovered name.

Perhaps a better way to handle this would be to ignore case for client names such that “ClientA” and “CLIENTA” would be considered the same client? Though I suppose that point is moot going forward anyway.

Weird then. It should be using the same function and I verified that while debugging.

I implemented the computername case ignoring as it seems a good idea (especially on Windows, where the casing of directories is ignored).

The bug with the disabled going away will be fixed with the next version as well.