Urbackup ZFS backend advice wanted


I’ve setup Urbackup on my Debian ZFS file server and I was wondering how should I go about the file backup and image backup settings.

If I’m using ZFS datasets should I just be sending Incremental backups only or do I still need to do full backups?

I’m not sure how much work urbackup/zfs is doing here to how it cleans up old backups. I assume it’ll keep the data it needs and remove old data? Or do I still need to do a full backup once a month or so?
I assume it’s creating a dataset, then snapshotting the data every backup, and then just copy in the new data. Then it can delete the old snapshots when needed.

I want to do image backups of my Windows PC, but the SSD is over 1TB in used space, so if I have to do a full backup once a month, it’s gonna take 6 hours a time, which I can see failing if I don’t leave the PC on long enough when that time comes once a month. Hoping I can just do incremental only.

Note: I do have CBT edition purchased for Windows