UrBackup Wish List

  1. Encrypt backup images - Use AES Crypt built into urbackup to encrypt backup images (VHD) and it’s incremental backups. The restoration process could use AES Crypt to de-encrypt during restore process. This allows for storing images onto external media in safe keeping (I don’t want to use bitlocker or luks)

  2. Local backup destinations - Allow remote central server to select local backup destinations for each client. - Hosted server monitors clients and executes backup designating the local client external drive as a backup destination not the URBackup location. However still monitors and helps with the process. Internet backup destination is possible why not local?

  3. Image backups that can be converted into a virtualized system, VMWare and VirtualBox can convert several other image formats to a VM any chance of this happening with urbackup?

  4. Run a script or command before and after backup. Gives an opportunity to stop and start services as well as an option to encrypt backups via AES Crypt if no plans are in place to aid with that.


VMWare has a free tool that can convent any computer/server in to VM in vmware.

That is currently possible with the assemble_disk_image script in the server directory. It reassembles the disk images so that they can be mounted in the virtualization platform of your choice.

You can already run scripts before backup is started via the prefilebackup.bat file in the client install directory.

On the server side I think it would be handy to be able to define actions to be done after file and/or image backups. Mostly image backups though as it would be nice to be able to call the assemble disk image script and copy the images off to iSCSI storage for testing boot. There could be a lot of useful things that could be done there.