Urbackup throwing error on excluded directory

Maybe I did something wrong, but should Urbackup be ignoring the directory it’s throwing an error on?

Here’s my exclusion list (on a linux client):
Excluded files (with wildcards): /Media/;/media/

Here’s the error I’m getting:
2021-01-17 09:44:35(info): Starting scheduled incremental file backup…

2021-01-17 09:44:42(info): Backing up “rootfs” without snapshot.

2021-01-17 09:44:42(error): Error while listing files in folder “/media”. User may not have permissions to access this folder. Errno is 0

2021-01-17 09:44:42(error): Indexing files failed, because of error

2021-01-17 09:44:42(error): Constructing of filelist of “xxx” failed: error - index error

2021-01-17 09:44:46(info): Waiting for parallel hash load stream to finish

2021-01-17 09:44:46(info): Parallel hash loading finished successfully

2021-01-17 09:44:47(error): Backup had an early error. Deleting partial backup.

Try Adding a * before /.


edit: this forum editor removes the * so I had to type it out.

My luck with exclusion has not gone well.
I can’t get UrBackup to ignore OneDrive files for the life of me.

I have every wild card possibility set and yet I still get thousands of errors in my logs due to that one location alone.

That’s what the </> thing is for in the reply box */Media/*;*media/* for times you need to give examples including paths, command lines or script snippets.

I like to get out the big guns to deal with OneDrive… kill the process then uninstall fixes the errors.

My guess is you are configuring the setting on the server and do not take into account the

Warning: The settings configured on the client will overwrite the settings configured here. If you want to change this behaviour do not allow the client to change settings