URBackup Server URL change, preserving existing client backups

I want to relocate the URBackup Server to different location, which has different URL. I do not want to lose any of the current client backups stored on the server. I thought someone has posted the procedure for doing just that, but I cannot find the reference to it. Can someone please repost or point me to where to look. Many thanks.

différent url :
if discovery works (udp broacasts) the clients will autojoin the new server
also you can set two internet servers and point to the new server this way
also read the docs for the certifs/auth file things

différent storage :
if you use linux btrfs or zfs , you can use btrfs or zfs send
if you can afford to move the disks to the new server, there s a storage migration procedure in the doc

Orogor , thanks for your replay. I may not have explained the issue we are having clearly. Our current server is running URbackup 2.4.12 on OMV with Raid 6. Not using btrfs or ZFS. Most clients connect over the internet.

Here is what we are trying to do:

We wish to move the server from the current external static IP to a URL using DDNS

The questions are:

a) What changes are needed to be made to the server so that the current clients continue to communicate with the server?

b) What update needed so that the clients recognizes the change and continue access to the server at the new URL, without losing any of their existing backups.

Did you figure this out? I want to do the exact same thing to our server. Its going to be really annoying if I have to login to 37 clients to reconfigure them

  1. Set up new DNS pointing to old DNS (CNAME) or IP
  2. Change “Internet server” in general settings to new DNS
  3. Wait for clients to receive new DNS, i.e. every client needs to be online to get the new setting
  4. Remove old DNS and point the DNS directly at the (new) IP