UrBackup Server Ubuntu Server and external storage

I have had several failed attempts to get UrBackup Server to either : 1) Backup to my CIFS share mounted via fstab or 2) have it fail to make any internal directories despite it being mounted with read/write permissions.

I looked through the admin guide and did not see any mention of how to use network or mounted storage for Ubuntu, only mention of what works for Windows Server which I am trying to avoid using.

My use case is I need to backup a client with rough 500Gb of space, but I do not wish to make a VM on my server that has 500+Gb of space provisioned and have to worry about it when I already have a network share with tons of free space that everything else pushes to or pulls from.

I’ve been unable to use a CIFS storage location to work as backup storage for Urbackup in Linux (RHEL in my case). But that’s mainly due to a CIFS mount not having the ability to make symlinks and other FS trickery that UrBackup uses.

In my case i’m using a external backup NAS, such as a QNAP that I setup as a ISCSI target with a LUN for storage. This iSCSI Lun is then connected to my Linux UrBackup server, and formatted as ext4. At which point it becomes perfectly usable for UrBackup. Perhaps you can use a similair method?

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what errors do you get in the logs? is the end destination filesystem ntfs?

The destination file system is NTFS served over SMB/CIFS . I will have to gather the logs.