UrBackup Server support for Windows may be dropped?


I’ve noticed the support has been dropped for MacOS client due to changes by Apple. Microsoft is not known for producing the most stable systems, and changes to filesystem and access rights are not uncommon. One may say it’s harder to get a stable product on Windows than on a Mac.

Therefore, can I please check, are there any plans at all or any concerns that may result in drop of support for Windows OS for UrBackup Server? We’re looking to commit to long-term backup solution, and choosing the right host OS is important.

I notice that infscape is based on Linux, would you suggest Ubuntu Server over Windows Server 2019 Hyper-V (both are free)?

Any comments would be most welcome.

Isn’t the free Hyper-V just for hosting other VMs? You still need a paid Windows OS on top for other stuff, don’t you?

UrBackup installs on Free Hyper-V Server directly. There’s no restrictions on installing third party apps (apps - not features or services), per Microsoft, they just don’t recommend it.

No, Microsoft is famous for its backwards compatiblity. You can run pre Windows 95 16bit applications in (32-bit) Windows 10, for example.

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It’d be interesting to run UrBackup Server in compatibility mode… :slight_smile:
So you’d recommend Windows over Linux for long term support?

I’ve been running urbackup on openSUSE Leap (Linux) for quite a while now, and I can assert that it’s very stable. I’ll defer to Uroni on platform preference, but I can say that Linux will not introduce any higher risk to stability, long term or otherwise.