Urbackup server docker migration speedup

i have and old VM with urbackup server with docker in folder
and i need to move to new VM/server.
so i create a new server (rocky linux 9) and install docker .
now to tranfer all files , then run docker i use this command (executed on new VM)

rsync --info=progress2 --force -avHK -e 'ssh -p 22' root@ /opt/urbackup/

data i about 5TB , but is from 5 days…
if command is ok, can i speedup sync?

or i copy only db without data .
of course backup is empy, but in a few days should be fine…

thank you

Data copy is still a huge issue in todays age… we just moved 15Tb in about 2 days on a NAS, data speed is something we look at now before deploying something as we dont want to end up in the boat your in, moving 1Gb of data taking 15 days…

Theres no real way to speed it up, as normally its limited by the engine / hardware the data is stored on. Is the VM engine VMware or another VM type (not VMware)?

Also is all the data IN the docker image or is the docker just UrBackup with a link out to a datastore with the data? (it matters, if you use HASH then your loose all the hash keys, as we just did that and have to re-backup everything using “Full backup” to recreate the hash keys, which appears to have fixed the issues.

Thanks for reply.

VM is on proxmox in LAN, so ifi have 1 gbps. But i have sata disk (not SSD).

docker is classic docker compose (local volume).

no problem, i still wait…
the important thing is that the rsync command is ok. my doubt is for hardkinks, symlinks, timestamp…
but i think rsync command is correct.
thank you

confirm that commadn

rsync --info=progress2 --force -avHK -e 'ssh -p 22' root@ /opt/urbackup/

works fine

i now have new server online :slight_smile: