UrBackup Server/Client 2.0.3 beta (with Mac OS X client)

Most of the changes are described in the blog:

The Linux command line interfaces have been redesigned since then as well.

This version now includes a Mac OS X client and a portable Linux client (for x86/x86_64/ARMv6/ARM64). I did not manage to get different OS X versions to run in Virtual Box. If anyone has pointers on how to do that in a comfortable and legal manner they would be appreciated.
The portable Linux client doesn’t have C+±exception support (yet). In my tests everything was functional but this is something that must be resolved before releasing a non-beta version.

Changes since last version

  • Recompiled Mac OS X client. Perhaps the GUI works now as well
  • FreeBSD compiles now
  • New streamed tar file support


Compatibility with prior versions

  • 2.x server with 1.4.x client full compatibility (please report issues)
  • 2.x client with 1.4.x server works only in local network mode (not via internet mode)
  • Older client/server combinations may work but were not tested
  • 1.x restore does not work with 2.x servers (improved login method)

Upgrade process

As always: Replace the executables and the database of the server/client will be updated on first running it. As always downgrading the database version after upgrading it is not possible, so you should backup the old database files especially since this is a beta.

Because of the improved file deduplication and statistics calculation the largest server table has to be completely rebuild. This may take a few hours depending on how many file entries you have. It will show the progress on the web interface but is not usable during the upgrade process.

Linux notes:

  • The wrapper scripts start_urbackup_server and start_urbackup_client have been removed. Please use the executable directly
  • The executable has been renamed to urbackupsrv (from urbackup_srv), the client to urbackupclientbackend (from urbackup_client)
  • There is a new command line interface for the client urbackupclientctl
  • All the plugins are now statically linked into one executable. This simplifies the compilation, debugging and packaging on Linux

Run the UrBackup server on Linux with e.g. urbackupsrv run --loglevel debug


Can you please expand on:

“New streamed tar file support”

I’m unsure as to what that is. I imagine it has to do with Tar compression but unsure how it fits into urbackup.

Thank You

It can directly backup tar output without it being written to disk first. I added this specifically for pg_basebackup and will add an example backup script for PostgreSQL with one of the next versions + howto for backing up PosgreSQL.
This is often used – e.g. also with docker export – so this is usefull in general.

Very nice! Thank you tremendously for your work. I’m testing currently on Windows 10 64bit

It does! :wink:
Thank you for fixing it. I will test it deeply later today.