Urbackup Server cannot open file \\?\globalroot\* etc

Hello all,
Sorry to be a bother but I have tried searching the forum and cannot find a similar post.

I have been successfully backing up all my clients and server with only a couple warnings/errors.
the main one I want to fix is the error on my Urbackup Server.

Environment: Windows Server 2019.
Client: Itself (extra redundant backups) - Change Block Tracking purchased, installed & running.
Other clients: Windows 10 (no issues or errors).
“Default Directories to Backup C:;D:”
"Excluded Files added to end D:\UrBackup*;D:\UrBackup;c:\Users*\OneDrive*; "

On the urbackup client application, In “add remove backup paths” I have the following.
D:\VOIP Backup

I have only 2 Volumes on the server C: and D:
I use D: for mass storage and low speed files (such as backups and file sync’s)
My Urbackupserver is setup to store into D:\Urbackup\ and I have setup an exclude on that folder for file backups (Image backups are of C: only).

When doing incremental file backups If I include volume D: indexing takes upwards of an Hour (even with CBT) and I find it’s throwing error “code: 3” every time.

Cannot open file \?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy446\urbackup\ae-4\220117-0331\c to read the FRN. The system cannot find the path specified. (code: 3)

the amount of these Errors per run can be up to 3000 lines. All similar to the above.
I do not get this error on Full File Backups.

What I do notice is that it is looking for the other clients Volume Shadow Copies, which I wouldn’t think it would be trying to access (since it does not relate to the Server backup itself up).

Has anyone else had this issue with the UrbackupServer backing itself up?

Sorry, I’m not sure I can help directly, I’ve never tried backing up a volume that had UrBackup’s storage on it, even with an exclusion.

If I could make a suggestion though, in my own case I noticed things behaved better when UrBackup had it’s own dedicated volume to store backups on, if it’s possible to rearrange things so that’s the case I’d recommend doing so.

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I did think about splitting my Mass Storage into a Separate Volume but thought It would be “easier” to not have to worry about the backups growing quickly.
SBS 2011 used to do Client PC backups and SBS 2019 unfortunately does not (Thanks Microsoft).
All my client PC’s backed up into a 1TB drive with 200 spare on average. I was hoping for the same level of deduplication but at least now its on a 2TB drive taking 1.5TB.

UrBackup’s clean-up gets more aggressive when it’s low on space, but used storage will grow like weeds when it’s not at the default backup frequencies & retention settings. When I was using a volume shared with other data early on, I had to give it a disk quota to keep the storage use within bounds, which introduced other annoyances.

If you can enable Microsoft’s deduplication on that volume, I noticed a significant saving when I did so, at the cost of a little performance. Particularly effective if you do image backups.

thank you, I’ll take a look at deduplication.
I didn’t want to spend more on the server as I’ve only just upgraded from an old system.
Doubt my boss would be interested in spending another £200 for New disks.

Quick update regarding deduplication. Unfortunately Windows Server 2019 Essentials does not support deduplication… Because reasons (Thanks microsoft).