Urbackup Server and Client on one machine (CentOS 7)

Hi, i’m tried to install Urbackup server(urbackup-server-1.4.12-4.2) on computer with CentOS 7, after succesfull server installation i tried to install Client part (urbackup-client-nogui-1.4.9-3.2). But installation fails with the error:
Transaction check error:
file /var/urbackup from install of urbackup-client-nogui-1.4.9-3.2.x86_64 conflicts with file from package urbackup-server-1.4.12-4.2.x86_64
After that i removed all and tried install client first, but have the same error on server installation. (if overwrite conflict files by command rpm -Uvh --replacefiles urbackup-server-1.4.12-4.2.x86_64.rpm urbackup server and client won’t start at the same time).
Any ideas?


I would like testing the Urbackup, but I have the same error!!!

Can’t possibly server and agent on the same server?


Not solution?

I changed backup system to BareOS

Hi @ioioioiochel,

Why BareOS? It’s only the conflict with server and client on the same machine? Or BareOS have more resources for backup?


Not only, second argument - BareOS has his own compression, dont need specific filesystem (Had some troubles with installing ZFS on Centos). But it’s only my opinion, you may try new beta version Urbackup, maybe it’s fixed on it.