UrBackup Server 2.0.12 beta (updated)/Client 2.0.10 beta

Think I fixed it. Will be fixed with server 2.0.14.

Okay i will try with 2.0.14 ASAP.

Thank you very much !

john3354, thanks a lot for the information.
Is there any document regarding the code organization and instructions for compiling the packages? Such a document will be very helpful.

That document could use some improvement, but if you are familiar with Visual Studio and software development, you should be able to muddle through.

Do you plan to release 2.0.14 soon ?
For information we still have the problem with 2.0.13 Server / 2.0.11 Client this morning :

2016-05-02 23:06:51: WARNING: Read error in hash calculation at position 103079215104 toread=4096 read=0. This will cause the whole block to be loaded. No such file or directory (code: 2)
2016-05-02 23:06:51: ERROR: Chunk not requested. (103079215104)
2016-05-02 23:06:51: ERROR: Pending chunk: 1572864

And server crash with no more informations in server’s logfile (running with --loglevel debug)



Thanks a lot for the information. Will look into it.


Server’s crash seems to be fixed since i’ve upgraded to 2.0.14 Server / 2.0.12 Client

Thank you very much, you’re the best :slight_smile:

I still have some errors messages that i’ve reported in this post UrBackup Server 2.0.13 beta/Client 2.0.11 beta but they are only Warnings, i should still be able to restore files ?