UrBackup Restore on old Windows XP machine

I successfully backed up the XP machine with

Client version: 1.4.11
Server version 2.3.7

Now I am trying to restore via CD. The network is there and I can ping the server but it can’t find any backup server, even when specifying the server via IP address (no firewalls active)…

Instead of downgrading the server version for possible compatibility reasons and as a “fail-safe” test I want to use the command line to restore the images.

I backed up in compressed format on a windows server machine (*.vhdz).
Since I have a main backup and an incremental one of the “C” drive, I need to uncompress and combine these.
However the “uncompress-image.bat” says “Error decompressing parent VHD” after running through the incremental decompressing process.
If I decompress the single .vhdz files it works but when assembling them with “assemble-disk-image” it says that they must not be on the same partition (same MBRs probably).

How do I restore the latest incremental image with all previous incrementals and the “main” image via command line, and perhaps how do I fix the network issue without downgrading the server?

This was the first thing I found, but that’s the next step already. I need to know how to assemble a VHD from the incremental and main image of the C drive first.