Urbackup Restore Hanging / stalled [Solved]

I’m using the most recent versions of server and client.
I made backup of a complete debian installation (proxmox 5ve) and are now trying to restore some files & proxmox relevant folders.
Steps taken:

  1. backup / (entire disk)
  2. re-install proxmox (debian 9)
  3. download client from server for this machine
  4. install the client on the fresh installation.
  5. kill urbackupclient process
  6. start urbackupclient with “/usr/local/sbin/urbackupclientbackend --restore server-confirms -d”

Trying to restore from Server gui.
When restoring folders, the first folder-restore (4MB) stalls at 35%.
I started to restore the second folder and urbackup keeps on saying “Indexing…”
What am I doing wrong here.

Any advice is very welcome :slight_smile:

Found the problem. Was my mistake. Urbackup was waiting for a device, which wasn’t mounted.