Urbackup restore file after reinstall operating system client

Server: Centos 7

Client: Centos 7

Hi, I have a problem. I would like to restore the backup copies after reinstalling the operating system in client.

The scheme of operation:

  1. I am restoring the system snapshot with proxmox.
  2. I run the urbackup client.
  3. I am trying to restore copies of files.

Starting restore failed: ERR

Can you restore files after reinstalling the operating system?


Most likely the client/hostnames need to be the sames.

If you have trouble restoring in commandline, you can also try to configure the client with server-confirm, then use the web ui.

Did you install the client from the web interface? Otherwise it cannot access old backups.

When the client is installed on a new system from the web interface, does it get access to restore components as well (mssql in particular)?

Not sure about mssql, but I was doing some testing, and was getting similar errors. After a reboot or two, and more tinkering it eventually found the old backups and restored using the reinstalled UrBackup Client.

I was testing by:

  1. Snapshot hyper-v machine
  2. install UrBackup client and run backup
  3. restore to snapshot
  4. Make sure UrBackup Client connected to server (using the “download client function” in the UrBackup Server web interface)
  5. try to restore using server interface or right-click systray and Access/Restore Files.