URBackup Restore DVD GUI does not display all available Image & File backups

UR Backup Server 2.4.13
UR Backup Restore DVD 2.4.0

I needed to restore a backup to a new SSD on a system that had not been used in 6 months so I booted the target system using UR Backup Restore DVD v2.4.0 (GUI mode) which booted successfully.

After clicking on the Images drop-down menu, It appears not all image and file backups are available for Restore (which appear present on the backup server). I have a lot of Full image and File image backups but it seems not all are listed when attempting to restore.

I also noticed the following:

Archived backup images are not listed after booting to URB Restore DVD GUI

Time Stamps don’t match between what listed on the URB server and what is displayed within the URB Recovery DVD GUI (Note: System date & time match on both client and server) so it seems there is either a time skew or (perhaps) time stamps are listed differently (Time Started Vs Time Completed).

Q: Shouldn’t (All) Images (Full & Incremental for both “Image and File” backups be listed after booting to the URB Restore DVD GUI?
(I assume the answer is Yes (else what’s the point of backups)

Q: Why does it appear that (most) of the prior backups (shown as present on the URB Server) are not shown within the URB Restore DVD GUI?

Q: Why don’t the time stamps for backup images between URB server and URB Restore DVD GUI match?

Please see attached images and file

List of Available Full Image & File Image backups on URB Server.txt (12.7 KB)

Restore CD can only restore images.

I can’t see any missing image backups in your screenshots. SYSVOL (and ESP) volumes are automatically restored if you restore “C”.

I checked and the datetime displayed seems to be correct. The restore CD runs in the UTC timezone, however and automatically syncs time if it has access to the Internet.
It’ll probably need a timezone configuration dialog like for the keyboard layout.

Same issue also for me, but from the ascii version is working, seems a visual issue on the graphical version.

Thanks for the response uroni!

If you look at the text file there is a massive amount of images but within the GUI there is a very small amount of images available to choose from. IE: ALL images (whether Full Image backup, Incremental or File backup should be displayed) else the purpose is defeated. Also, URB automatically restoring the EFI and other required partitions is a given, however I am referring to the many missing Full OS images and Incremental images.

Also, as Ianello indicated, he is seeing something similar within the DVD restore GUI but from his feedback the ascii version seems correct.

Note: I’m hoping others can chime in on this but it appears the issue is easy to repro:

  1. Setup a target client system (say Windows 10 Client as that’s what I had on a client when I saw the problem)
  2. Install agent
  3. Configure for (frequent) Full image backup and Incremental file backups
  4. Let this run for a couple weeks just to accumulate a good long list
  5. Output the complete list of Images (both Full, Incremental and file, etc.).
  6. Boot the client from the latest URB Recovery DVD media
  7. Select the target system
  8. Select the Image drop-down menu
  9. Compare what’s available from the output list and you will likely see a discrepancy between the list and what’s available within the DVD Restore GUI to restore.

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Hi Ianello,

Thank you for the response! I’d like to check-out the ascii version you mentiuoned but I’m somewhat new to URB and I’am not familiar with the ascii version. I assume this is the command line CLI version?

How is the ASCII / CLI version accessible?
Is the CLI version bootable on the client like the DVD or is it launched from the backup server and actions performed remotely?

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Could not reproduce the problem. Could it be a scrolling problem? Can you see “z35” here: Tags - antd@4.19.2 - CodeSandbox ?

Not sure I follow you. That link goes to some index java script source page. I see no reference to “z35” at that site.