UrBackup Restore 2.02 Hangs in Linux and Doesn't Enter GUI [Solved]

I’m trying to restore a Windows PC after the C drive corrupted. I’ve mounted a USB with the restore CD using LiLi USB Creator and booted it with my machine. Once I leave the splash screen Arch Linux does it’s thing and starts a bunch of stuff until it gets to “Reached target Sound Card” and “Started System Logging Service” After this Linux hangs and nothing changes.

I’ve tried all sorts of input but nothing works. What’s going on here? How can I restore my system?

Windows with RAID SSD
Intel Core i7-4790
Sabertooth Z77

Any help is appreciated!
Thank you!

Edit: Quick screenshot of where it hangs to be more clear: http://imgur.com/a/uYvSX

Solved the problem by removing my graphics card (don’t have the model, some asus nvidia one) and using on board graphics.

Thanks guys!