UrBackup Operating system Compatibility

Does urbackup support all 32 and 64 bit windows OS staring from windows xp ? (server and Client package)

Also let me know if we have any prerequisites at the windows operating system side, for urbackup installation.

i am using UrBackup server package 2.0.38.

As far as I know, UrBackup v2 doesn’t support Windows XP, you need Vista or later.
Somebody wrote here that had v2 client working on XP, but he gave further no details.
For XP you should use the latest v1 client (1.4.11), with v2 server.

How about Image restoration for XP machine.
I will be using 1.4.11 for XP and my server will be in 2.0.x version.
Which version of image restoration CD should i use. I tried with 1.x and 2.x version but could not complete the image restoration.