Urbackup on windows 7 email notifications

Dear All,

I need your assistance on this problem. I have already install the urbackup server 1.4.11 for Windows 7 and it works perfectly except the email notifications. When i am trying to send a tes message i receive error message “Login denied(ec=67), Access denied 553” . The settings that i use is mail server name smtp.gmail.com,mail server port 587,mail server username: someone@gmail.com, password: my password, sender email: someone@gmail.com, check the sen mails only with SSl/tls and not check ssl/tls certificate, server admin mail adress admin@myorganization.com.
Could you please assist me with this issue?

Thank you.

Are you using two-factor authentication with your gmail account?

Could you please be more specific on your question because i don’t understand what do you mean with two-factor authentication?

Gmail has a feature that you can optionally enable on your account that requires you to use a username, a password, and an additional code from a mobile app to log into your account. This is called “two-factor authentication”. The first factor is our password, and the second factor is the special code from an app.

If you have this enabled on your account, you cannot then simply use your password for software like urbackup for email notifications, because urbackup does not know how to prompt you for the special code. You then have to use “app-specific password” in urbackup.

More details here:

I receive again error message when i was trying to use the email notification with hotmail account. Hotmail account has the same problem, do you know that? Also i have already one urbackup server 1.4.10 which has no problem at all. I use the same settings as this one which is 1.4.11 and i have no problem. Everything works perfectly.

Noone can help me?

I face the same problem with server 1.4.12. Am i doing something wrong or this version has some problems?

Here is what worked for me:

Urbackup Email settings:
Server name - smtp.gmail.com
Port - TLS (port 587)
username - your gmail address
Password - gmail password (if you use 2-factor auth, you will need an app password)
Sender email - your gmail address
Send mails only with SSL/TLS: enabled