Urbackup on router with openwrt

I need help.

My idea was to try to install the urbackup server on an router with an openwrt firmware.

because the router is always on, has an linux kernel and an samber server with 1tb space.

i am not familar with compiling stuff for empedded systems like routes.
so i try it on my own with the openwrt sdk and try to “cross-compiling” the source code of urbackup to get an package wich i can install on my router. --> but i am failed.

if somebody is familar with doing some stuff like this or can give me tips or would help me, i would be very thankfully.

here is an link, ho wo install the openwrt sdk on linux like debian.

i use an image of debin for the virtual box --> here is the link

here is an sample how to compile an c /c++ hello world programm in the sdk for the router