UrBackup on Freenas Jail suddenly inaccessible via web console and no clients connect (Total failure)


Hello Community!

Long time lurker, first time poster.

I have a FreeNas (FreeNAS-9.10-STABLE-201606072003) with a Urbackup Jail. Everything was working perfectly for 9+ months, now as of about 3 day ago I cannot access my web console, and no clients will connect.

Other Jails (not UrBackup) I am running on the NAS work perfectly.

A fresh install Jail on the NAS also does not connect using a different IP Address. I have not changed any of the settings for ports in UrBackup.

Last night I was able to log in briefly to the web console after restarting the NAS and the Jail. However after about 5 minutes the connection started timing out and the session dropped.

Here’s what I know…

I can ping the Jail IP

I do get an error when restarting the jail, but I do not know if it is relevant. - “Can’t remane node epair0b”

I can click on Freenas console and send commands to urbackup.

The server and Freenas are generally left to themselves, I have not done updates or made any changes for about a month.

Thankyou in advance for your advice. I will post any request for information promptly!




I found the log file.

2018-02-14 23:49:19: Starting HTTP-Server on port 55414
2018-02-14 23:49:19: HTTP: Server started up successfully!
2018-02-14 23:49:19: ERROR: Exception occured in CryptoFactory::signDataDSA: Clone() is not implemented yet.