UrBackup on BananaPi - issues with SD card in the long run?

I am running UrBackup on a BananaPi as plug-in in Openmediavault. Everything is working fine. However I am concerned about the location of the database of UrBackup. May the frequent writes destroy the SD card the system is located on?

Is it be possible to move the location of the database to an HDD attached?
In OMV forum following is suggested:

  • Stopp the service

  • usermod -m -d /path/to/new/homedir urbackup

  • restarted the service.

Is this a feasible way? Any better way? Or just don’t care?

Yeah, most SD cards are designed for media (pictures, movies, music) storage and not databases and tend to be really slow (with ridiculously large rmw blocks) with databases.

Either buy a good USB stick and put the OS there or move the /var/urbackup directory somewhere else and then bind mount or symlink it (ln -s /media/foo/urbackup /var/urbackup)

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Hm, GUI opens as normal, Everything seems fine. But the server does not find the client.
Any idea what the problem could be?

Sorry seems ok now. Restarted the client. Or just waited?

Confusing. Server GUI says client is online, but menue of client does not show option to start backup (though enabled in the server).
When trying to start backup on the server, get the message “starting backup failed”, But no log is created.

Deleted server_idents on the client, now the client is performing backup.
So, again, I think it is working.